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Mumbai, March 10, 2014 : Lifespan, India’s first chain of comprehensive diabetes and metabolic clinics, has announced its expansion plan to come up with 500 clinics across 30 cities in India over the next three years. The Lifespan clinics are already successfully operational in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Lifespan’s expansion plan is being enabled by Springboard, an initiative of BCCL group that provides an opportunity to fund the entrepreneurs’ brand creation needs through significant equity participation by the company.

The concept of Lifespan was the initiative of Ashok Jain. Ashok Jain, former CEO of Cadbury Schweppes, a diabetic who himself struggled with diabetes for 18 years was inspired with the vision of Lifespan Clinics - a chain to help and support people like himself. To plan for, and operate this chain, Ashok draws upon his extensive experience in initiating and managing all-India franchise operations.

Lifespan seeks to empower the masses with better access to quality healthcare. Lifespan brings in a whole new level of organized support and care through the use of state-of-the-art medicare for the treatment and management of diabetes.

Lifespan is a caring endeavour that brings in a new level of organised support and state-of-the-art medicare for the treatment and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. At Lifespan, our diabetes specialists provide their undivided attention for a guaranteed 30 minute consultation. The patients spend adequate time with their doctor. This differentiates Lifespan from other healthcare clinics. More than 90 % of the healthcare treatments that diabetics receive come from stand alone healthcare clinics. The expertise is scattered and no two consultations are the same. Time spent with the doctor is limited.

Lifespan Clinics offers a unique approach to treating diabetes. Lifespan Clinics give patients a unified solution with expertise, diagnosis and guidance under one roof. Lifespan Clinics maintain uniformity of treatment standards across all clinics that are designed to maximize convenience, therapy effectiveness and continuity of care and support.


At Lifespan, an individualised health management plan is prepared that takes into consideration the patient’s lifestyle, dietary habits, nature of work, family work, personal medical history and current fitness. Lifespan has pioneered the use of the unique R.I.S.C. test in India. The R.I.S.C. Test is a comprehensive, non-invasive and painless 7 min. procedure that measures 30 vital health parameters associated with diabetes and metabolic disorders. It can help detect cardiometabolic related problems, cardiac autonomic neuropathy, diabetic autonomic neuropathy, arterial stiffness and sudomotor abnormalities.The R.I.S.C. test not only analyzes a person’s present health status but also checks for markers of any underlying health condition that could cause complications in the future. CCI Newswire
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