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New Delhi, June 13, 2014 -

,the leading online healthcare information services provider, today announced Teens Clinic that enables teenagers and parents to avail online health services. With the launch of the Teens Clinic, Credihealth provides the most reliable, comprehensive, updated and validated information for teenagers’ health issues and their needs. The company aims to be the go-to destination for credible information and feedback on healthcare with an association with top doctors and hospitals.  

Credihealth has tied up with top General Physicians, Pediatricians, Dermatologist, ENT, Neurologist, cardiologists and others. The company is currently signed up with all top hospitals across India. Credihealth Teens Clinic caters to teenager problems like acne, puberty, teenage obesity, sexual health, addiction to alcohol and provides a platform for smart healthcare choices. Teens can read in depth articles shared by professional doctors, blog posts on health problems, video interviews from experts and then make their healthcare choices.Credihealth Teens clinic helps teenagers and their parents to book doctor appointments or seek a second opinion, online. People seeking health care information online in India is increasing at a constant pace and it is expected to grow faster with increasing internet and mobile penetration and via health gadgets.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ravi Virmani, Co-Founder, Credihealth India, said, “We are helping people make more informed decisions by giving a vast breadth and depth of information on symptoms and treatment options. This ensures cost assessment and price comparison at one place. At Credihealth, we run virtual clinics that give our users the facility to seek professional medical help from the comfort of their homes. Adolescence is a time filled with change for many teenagers, and this phase may make it difficult for parents to identify warning signs. With the launch of Teens clinic, we are able to help teenagers and their parents to deal with the turbulent teenage years .”

Developed with latest technology, patients can log into the website and take consultation and appointments with any doctor. Credihealth mobile application is available on mobile platforms like android and iPhone. The app will help users to have quick and instant connectivity with doctors and valuable health data can be stored with the virtual health center. The company is offering its services in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, and opening up shortly in other metropolitan cities. Credihealth is planning to expand its services to the rest of India within the next few months. BWI
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Hyderabad, May 17, 2014
  • The Acquisition Positions CGI to Immediately Participate in The High Growth Indian Molecular Diagnostics and Oncology Services Market
  • Further Extends Next-Generation Sequencing Capabilities By Leveraging BioServe India’s Capabilities & Development Roadmap
  • Acquisition Adds Immediate Revenue, Valuable Client Base and is Expected To Be Accretive in Fiscal 2015
  • Immediately Provides CGI with Infrastructure & Personnel for Lower-Cost Manufacturing, Test Development & Genomic Analysis
Cancer Genetics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CGIX) ("CGI" or the "Company"), a DNA-based diagnostics company focused on developing genomic-based oncology tests and services, today announced the agreement to acquire BioServe Biotechnologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. for approximately $1.9 million, primarily in CGIX stock and other deferred consideration. The transaction is expected to close during the third quarter of 2014 and is subject to customary closing conditions and government approvals in India.

Under the terms of the agreement, BioServe Biotechnologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. (“BioServe India”), headquartered in Hyderabad, India, will become a subsidiary of CGI, and will be renamed Cancer Genetics India Pvt. Ltd. CGI plans on retaining all 33 current employees of BioServe India, and further expanding and strengthening the sales and clinical teams in India. BioServe India currently operates out of a state-of-the-art 14,000-square-foot genomics facility in Hyderabad. BioServe India is backed by Ventureast, a pioneering venture capital institution based in India, which has enabled over 80 seed, early and growth stage businesses in a broad array of sectors including technology, life sciences and clean environment.

BioServe India is a state-of-the-art genomics services provider and molecular kit manufacturer serving both the research and clinical markets. By utilizing BioServe India's molecular services, researchers can identify genetic markers, validate drug targets and correlate clinical and molecular data to accelerate the development of new and effective drugs. Additionally, BioServe India’s growing clinical diagnostics capabilities in oncology and next-generation sequencing are well-positioned to serve the needs of improving oncology diagnostics care and management throughout India.

Global cancer costs are expected to reach $458 billion in 2030 according to the American Cancer Society. By allowing the Company to scale up operations for genetic analysis, bioinformatics, and manufacturing, this acquisition will provide opportunities to create greater cost efficiencies and increase productivity while bringing clinically validated and actionable genomic content into community hospitals and cancer care centers in India and the US.

“With Bioserve, CGI will become better positioned to increase our global presence in personalized cancer care and further improve outcomes and lower costs for cancer patients,” said Panna Sharma, CEO of Cancer Genetics, Inc. “The BioServe India team adds immediate positive impact, high-quality revenue, and provides a clear path to an accretive deal for shareholders. The infrastructure and enhanced capacities in next generation sequencing for oncology accelerate our development plans while positioning us to make more effective use of our capital.”

BioServe India has the infrastructure and scientific expertise required to integrate CGI’s DNA probe manufacturing and proprietary FHACT™ test into a market that accounts for more than 25 percent of the global deaths attributed to cervical cancer. FHACT™ is a non-invasive genomic test that can be work as a reflex test from a Pap smear and that can identify cancer and pre-cancer lesions caused by persistent HPV infection. The test can provide physicians with crucial information in making treatment decisions in cervical and HPV-related cancers.

BioServe India is known for providing its clients with cutting-edge genomic services, including next-generation sequencing genotyping and DNA synthesis. Some of their notable customers include Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science Education & Research and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology. BioServe India is certified by ISO-9001:2008, the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), which is the Indian equivalent to CLIA, and the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR). CGI plans to make the Hyderabad based lab CLIA certified in the coming quarters.

Mr. Sharma noted: “Another important driver for the transaction with BioServe India was the world-class management and R&D team that’s currently in place, as well as a company culture that fits in well with CGI. We believe that this type of deal can serve as a blueprint for future acquisitions and accelerate the delivery of shareholder value.”

“We are happy to see that a biotechnology company we nurtured from its early stages is graduating to the next level. We share the belief that genomic services, next-generation sequencing and personalized diagnostics have tremendous potential in the country and can grow multi-fold in the coming years,” said Venkatadri Bobba, General Partner at Ventureast.

“It’s a proud moment for us at BioServe as we join forces with one of the leading cancer diagnostics providers. There are great synergies which we expect to unlock by combining our visions and teams together,” said Rama Modali, Founder of BioServe India. BWI

Strategic and Financial Benefits
  • Cancer Genetics, India will have the ability to help global clinical trial clients with trials in India or Asia.
  • Cancer Genetics will be well-positioned to provide oncology-focused next-generation sequencing and CGI’s proprietary cancer portfolio as a strategic driver of growth in the high-growth Indian market.
  • The transaction is expected to be accretive in 2015.
  • For additional information the Company has developed a FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions”) which can be accessed at “ CGI Acquires BioServe FAQ
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New Delhi, April 18,2014 - Dr. Indu Ballani, Dermatologist,
Age might just be a number but this number is directly proportional to the number of lines and wrinkles appearing on your face. The search for the elusive elixir of youth has continued for centuries. In every civilization, in every society, the quest to keep looking young is common. There is not a single soul in this world who wouldn’t desire to look eternally beautiful. But, while it may not be possible to prevent ageing, slowing down the process of ageing to look stunning and young for a longer time is very much possible today. At 45, you may not be able to look 21, but you can certainly look 35 with the help of new age cosmetic procedures.

Technology in the modern times has given us our own ‘elixirs’ that can ensure the fountains of youth and beauty flow unabated. The new age anti-ageing procedures not only target the signs of ageing on the surface of the skin, but work at a deeper level, unknotting the science of ageing and working at the reasons that cause skin to age.

Here are 10 nip and tuck modern day cosmetic procedures that can keep you looking young:

Botox away the frown lines

The frown lines on our forehead that give us a tired, stressed out and aged look can be taken care of by Botox wonderfully. Botulinum toxin, popularly known as Botox, is a non-surgical procedure wherein botox is injected to relax the muscles of the face thus smoothening an otherwise tired and aged looking face.

When a small amount of it is injected into a muscle, it blocks the nerve signals telling that particular muscle to contract. When administered into the muscles of the forehead, Botox relaxes them and stops the process of frowning, leaving a clear, stress-free forehead. Botox can be also used to get a ‘browlift’. The procedure that takes a few minutes gives your eyebrows a highlighted or ‘arched’ appearance and leaves the upper part of your face with reduced wrinkles.

Nobody wants those crow’s feet

Years of laughing and smiling inadvertently leave us with a bunch of fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes, often referred to as the crow’s feet. Botox and dermal fillers like Juvederm can reduce their appearances, cutting down the years on your life’s slate.

Crow's feet are caused by repeated muscle contractions over a lifetime. These are dynamic lines that become entrenched over the years. By blocking the nerve signals that tell the muscles to contract, Botox prevents the contraction and the resultant wrinkles.

A Nefertiti neck

Another feature of ageing is the sagging skin under the chin and on the neck. Even if you have kept your face looking gleaming and beautiful, your neck will certainly give away your age. The skin around the neck is particularly prone to the wear and tear of aging because it's thinner than facial skin and has different collagen content.

To help minimize the changes you are experiencing, the Botox Nefertiti Neck Lift provides a unique method in relaxing the underlying muscles by administering Botox injections along carefully selected specific points of the lower jaw line. This results in an upward movement of the skin to minimize sagging jowls and leave a more defined bone structure, neck and facial contour. Injections into the vertical bands of the neck further reduces the downward pull on the jowl area and side of the face and produces a much smoother appearance to the neck.

Using Botox, the sagging can be reduced by reducing the downward pull of the muscles. The neck lift will allow you wear off shoulder dresses too.

Say goodbye to hollow eyes

Eyes never lie. They will betray your age candidly. As we age, we often develop dark hollows and troughs under our eyes which make us appear weary and aged. Sunken or hollow eyes can make you look dull and tired even though you are

young and healthy. The area between the eyes and nose also known as tear trough looks hollow and sunken due to loss of moisture and volume, thus making the face look tired. This can be corrected with the help of fillers like Juvederm that fill up the hollows around the eyes and leave you with healthy eyes and a fresh looking face.

Tighten the pores on your face

If the pores on your face turn large, they will not give a very congenial appearance. There are laser therapies that help tighten the facial pores .

Filling up the smile lines

Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth become prominent when you smile or laugh out. They are also known as marionette lines that originate from the sides of your lips and stretch right down to the chin. Over the years they become a permanent fixture on the face, taking away the youthful sheen and appearance. But with dermal fillers like Juvederm, the depressions caused by these lines and wrinkles can be filled and give you a clean winkle free smile.

Rev up the skin with exfoliation

The dullness and lack of sheen of the skin is often because the dead cells are clouding the surface. Some good exfoliating treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels can remove the dead layer and bring back a youthful glow. Diamond Polishing is another technique in which the skin is polished with diamonds fixed on tips that electronically move on the skin. This is useful in removing dead cells, scars, tanning and overall improves glow and complexion of the skin.

Mesobotox for face: This is onewonderful facial rejuvenation method in which Botox is delivered through microinjections in very small doses distributed all over the face to diminish fine wrinkles and give you a ‘facelift’. It helps tighten the facial pores and give you a more smooth and radiant appearance.

Volume to the cheeks: Withage we lose much of our skin flexibility, collagen and volume resulting in flat sagging cheeks. Hyaluronic acid based fillers can give fresh volume and contours to the cheeks. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that exists in the layers of the skin and gives it volume and elasticity. With age, we tend to lose our natural reserves of hyaluronic acid and fillers help replenish this lost reserve.

What about hands?

While we do everything to keep our faces bright and shining, our hands get step motherly treatment. No wonder, they belie our age more than anything. Dermal fillers like Juvederm can also be used to give volume to hands, remove wrinkles and make them look bright. CCI Newswire

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